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I have been summoned to court, does debt counselling cover this?

No, however it is our experience that most attorneys and creditors will respond to the debt review programme favourably and agree to have this included in the debt review.

Can I go under debt review if I already have judgements against me?

Yes you can, but we may not be able to include the accounts you have judgments on if the legal process has gone too far. We will include all other accounts and this should ensure you can cope with all your debt repayments. Fill out an application and talk to one of our consultants – they will be able to assess your situation and advise accordingly.

Will I be able to get finance again after my Debt Review?

Yes you will be able to get finance as credit bureaus will be updated accordingly. The idea behind debt review is to help you manage your money better and allow you back into the credit market with a better understanding of your personal finances.

What if my circumstances change and I can suddenly afford to pay my creditors again?

Again we will be able to remove your listing as being under debt review on the basis that you can prove to the courts that you are no longer indebted and able to manage your finances yourself.

Will I be able to remove my name from being under debt review?

Yes, once you have cleared all your debt (excluding your Bond) we will issue you with a clearance certificate removing all information on the credit bureaus.

Will I be listed on the Credit Bureau?

Yes, once you are under debt review all credit providers must record the information by law

Can I get a loan whilst being under Debt Review?

You can only get a loan under certain conditions. 1. An emergency loan 2. An educational loan. 3. A full consolidation loan which must be registered with the NCR. So generally the answer to this is no. (Do not be fooled by false advertising as many of these companies will charge you a fee for trying to find you a loan. (MAKE SURE YOU READ THERE TERMS AND CONDITIONS PRIOR TO APPLYING) as they hide the fees they charge in them.

What debt is not covered by the act?

We will include all your current debt. However, if legal action has already commenced before you applied for debt review it can be excluded by your credit providers as it falls outside of the NCA. However, in many instances credit providers are willing to accept proposals from us as this will save them time outsourcing other collection agencies.

Can I go under debt review if I am blacklisted?


What happens if you are blacklisted?

If you are blacklisted we can help you and place you under debt review. If you are struggling to meet your monthly commitments and you are blacklisted you will have difficulties obtaining a loan with a bank – you should consider being placed under debt review by a debt counsellor in order to get your finances back on track.

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