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Will this cost me more in the long run and how long will it take?

No, this will not cost you more in the long run (inclusive of our fees) as we are able to negotiate lower interest rates, reduce service fees down to zero in many instances. Our goal is simple we want you to become debt free in the fastest possible way whilst ensuring your ability to support your family.

Isn’t a Debt consolidation loan better?

If you are in arrears and/or are experiencing problems with your monthly debt repayments then it is not wise to take on even more debt, and it’s likely you will not qualify for a loan. Debt Review is then your best option in order to sort out your situation. When you have cleared all your debt then you are free to apply for credit again.

Is this a consolidation loan?

No it’s not a consolidation loan in the conventional way. However, we do consolidate all your current financial obligations to your creditors (Bond, Car Hire Purchase’s, Store Cards, Credit Cards, bank overdrafts, and all personal loans). We then negotiate reduced monthly instalments by reducing interest rate, insurance and service fees making sure you are able to support yourself and your family and keeping your credit providers happy at the same time.

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