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Will the payment plan cover all my debts?

Yes, we will deal with all your unsecured and secured loans. When we analyse your finances, we will make appropriate allowances for you to be able to afford your day-to-day expenses before we calculate how much you can afford to pay your creditors.

How with this affect my car payments?

We have arrangements with all banks to lower your installment. In most cases this is straight forward, however at times when there is a large balloon payment we will have to negotiate other terms. We will certainly make sure to treat your car repayments as high priority to make sure you are able to keep your vehicle.

How will this affect my bond?

We have arrangements with all banks with regards to your bond. In most cases we will offer 80% of your current bond payment. However in some instances when you have considerable arrears on your bond we might have to offer additional funds. We will certainly make sure your bond is treated as the highest priority debt to make sure your home is safe.

Does it make a difference if I own my home or not?

No, it does not make a difference; your bond will also be included in the debt review.

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