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On the 26th July 2017 my husband and I had a debt review meeting at your offices in Table View.
We just need to bring to your attention the wonderful service that we received from Tara Simke.
Tara was extremely knowledgeable on the topic of debt review and gave us great peace of mind to do business with Debt Therapy.
We will highly recommend your company to future clients.
Thank you once again to Tara for the first class service.

Yours sincerely
Bets and Peter Denyssen

With this letter I would like to take the opportunity to thank Natasha Fray for everything she has done for me and my dad who is a pensioner.
She is always friendly, helpful and very patient with my dad when he phones to sort out something on my behalf as I cannot phone from work.
She keeps her promises to follow up on problems and makes sure it gets resolved in the time frame she has given us, and always gives feedback on the progress.
She gives advice when needed and is willing to walk the extra mile for you.
She truly is a great asset to your company.

Thank you

I just want to use this opportunity to say thank you to everyone I dealt with at Debt Therapy. You guys were always very professional and you are absolute life savers. As far as I am concerned you are the best debt review company in South Africa.

Thank you

Good Day Everyone

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you at Debt-Therapy You never disappointed me and you paid my creditors every month. Because of you I am debt free today. It feels so good to say it….. I am debt free!

Please keep up the good work for the clients that are still striving to become debt free.

Thank you so much and kind regards

Since we started with the debt review, the very 1st month we experienced the difference it made to our lives, for the 1st time in months we could walk into a mall & do monthly shopping & that’s how it’s been for is the last 3 months. For the 1st time in years I am looking forward 2 the festive season & my wife & I are planning on working plenty of overtime, save up some money & buy a cheap, decent car.

Thank you for your excellent service, you did more than just adding a client on your books, you changed the life of 4 people, my wife, kids & myself.

God Bless
Aidan Peters

Hi there to the best …Just received my paid up letter…paid last amount a month ago….If it was not for Debt Therapy I don’t know what would’ve happened…Yes some months it seemed like the end will never be, but as I look back today, it was the best decision I have ever made…You guys are the absolute best in the sense that nothing was ever to much trouble for you….Thank you so so much…. You have saved me from disaster and believe you me, from here on out….it won’t happen again


To Debt Therapy and in particular our debt councillor – JP Visser.

It has taken me some time to think of the words to sum up the service we have received from Debt-Therapy over the past 6 years, in particular from debt councillor, JP Visser.

Outstanding, Superb and second to none just don’t seem to do him justice.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank him once again for the time, effort and attention put into providing us with your debt counselling services and efficiency during our period under Debt Review.

There were times when I’m sure he was frustrated with my constant e-mails and questions, however we very much appreciate his efficiency and professionalism at all times.

We would be pleased to recommend this organisation to anybody who may find themselves in a similar position and needing debt counselling, as we did 6 years ago.

Thank you once again and keep up the excellent work.

Kind Regards


I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to Samantha and the team for all their help shedding some light on my debt problems.

Everyone was so friendly and helpful, and totally put me at ease.

This has been a dreadful few months, trying to sort out all of this, as the parties I dealt with before hand just made things worse.

Sam and the team helped, by working out a budget, where by I can actually live, during these crazy times.

I would like to thank you all, and let you know that all your help was a great relief, and I really do appreciate it.

Thank you once again.

I have recommended you to a few collegues that are/were in the same boat.


To whom it may concern/Manager Debt Therapy,

I would just like to commend Sam on her amazing service and helpfulness in order for me to sort my debt out, its never an easy task, but her friendly and understanding disposition made it all the more easier to deal with and now I am finally on the road to financial freedom as I have a plan in place to remedy my past actions.

So thanks again for all the assistance, I will certainly recommend you!

Kindest Regards,

Good evening Katy,

I just wanted to say thank you once again for all your help during the past two months- I know that many people have already mentioned it on your website, but I have hardly received threatening calls from the people to whom I owe money since you spoke to them. And I have been able to answer my phone with pleasure!…

Yours sincerely
Fatima Akoojee


Ek wil julle bedank vir julle hulp! In besonders wil ek vir Katy Scholtz dankie sê dat sy so vinnig en voldoende my gehelp het met my skuld probleme. Sy is altyd gaaf en dit voel vir my werklik of sy my op haar hande dra.

Baie dankie! Julle maak my lewe net ‘n bietjie makliker en ek waardeer dit! Julle diens is puik en ek sal julle vir enige iemand aanbeveel.

Geniet julle dag.
Esmé Roberts

I was afraid and I was scared to trust some service on the internet, but I made the call and it was a relief to hear a voice on the other side who understood my situation and was really showing geniune concern about my financial state. Debt Therapy was like therapy to me, I did not need another loan I needed something or someone objective to look at my situation and help me for a change and not rip me off. Debt Therapy and their service was great, they supplied me with application forms and after my first payment they were dealing with all my worries and stress. I want to recommend Debt Therapy as they really care and commit themselves to you as a person and you don’t feel like just another number. A BIG thank you to the team of Debt Therapy for their continuous support and guidance.


Before I joined Debt Therapy, I had a lot of debt, all my accounts were outstanding. No one wanted to help pay off my accounts, the banks and retail stores were giving me a hard time and even threatened to put my name in the national credit bureau

Then I joined Debt Therapy…. My life absolutely changed… People from the bank and retail stores stopped threatening me about my accounts.. every month I had to transfer funds into a Debt Therapy account and they would sort my account for me, I am actually glad I joined Debt Therapy because now I can actually sleep at night without worrying about my account.


Dear Reinhard and Carolyn (two of Debt Therapy’s Debt Consultants),

I don’t know where to start and how to begin in saying thank you for what you have done for me and what you meant to me over the past few months.

I was depressed and contemplating if I should run away and hide from all my creditors when one day I went onto the internet and discovered you on and even since then whenever a problem accrued you were there – an email or phone call away.

You immediately re-assured me that my problems how bad they may look can be dealt with and if not one certain way we can try something else.

Although everything did not disappear within 24hours, my life has become just about normal again – and I did not have to run or hide when the phone rang. I had more confidence in myself and my abilities although I knew I had a long way to go but with Debt Therapy by my side I am sure I can make it – I will have my old normal life back – you just made the day to day problems of bad debt lessen and I am so grateful towards you and your company for re-assuring me that everything will be OK.

If problems occur and I call I always feel as if I can move the earth – it is like I get re-charged and look forward to the day ahead – where in the past I wanted to hide from everyone and everything because when you get retrenched and can not pay your debt you become this useless thing that takes up “good people’s” space and air and get treated like the worst of criminals. It deprives you of you self esteem as well as the confidence you have in yourself – you helped me getting that back – no matter what who says, I know now that I am worth something even if I do have bad debt, and I only have you to thank for that, I have no doubt that if I did not find you on the internet on that day, I would have been some sort of statistic as I could not see a future for myself with the amount of problems / debt I had.

Thank you again Debt Therapy, especially Carolyn and Reinhard, in a way you saved my life and you made me feel worth something again.

Always grateful

Since I handed over the distribution of my debt to Debt Therapy I have had piece of mind, I do not receive numerous phone calls from rude creditors demanding payments. Even setting up the process was simple and quick. Today I have less stress and no fear of answering the phone. Thank you Debt Therapy for making my life so much easier.


I would like to thank you once again very much for your kindness and help.
You have such a bubbly nature and a pleasure always to speak to.

Chat again soon

Fond regards

Good morning Debt Therapy Team

I trust that all of you are doing well
I was surprised this morning when I received a package out of the blue.
Curiously I opened it and found a lovely white and green mug inside with a beautiful little letter of congratulations from you guys
Thank you very much for the beautiful gesture – it means a lot to me.
If it was not for you guys – and girls – I don’t know how on earth I would’ve been able to beat the “debt devil”.
I am unable to find words to let you understand how deeply grateful I am for your assistance, willing ears to listen to me and your broad shoulders you helped me carry my debt.
I really appreciate each and every one of you very, very much.
Please convey my gratitude to Mr Reinhard Pettenburger as well.
May you assist many more people to be as happy and debt-free as I am.
I hope you will enjoy a lovely day and may a great future awaits you.

Kindest regards.


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