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How to choose the right Debt Counsellor

National Credit Regulator
Make sure they are Registered with the NCR. Read more about the NCR

Ask how long they have been in business
You can check the company registration number for an indication of this. Ours is for example 2005/001817/07, the first 4 numbers indicating year of registration. Be aware of new start-ups, most of which fail within a year or so.

Ask How Many Employees they have
If they have less than 10 or are unwilling to volunteer this information, be aware. A debt counselling operation require sufficient and trained staff in order to service their clients properly.

Do they have a legal department
And access to lawyers to assist with the significant amount of legal work involved with your application? If they do not, expect problems with your application.

Are You Talking Directly to a Debt Counsellor
Or to a Middleman such as a ‘Comparison Site’? Don’t let anyone else choose a Debt Counsellor for you – you will be dependent on your Debt counsellor to help you get your life back on track, so rather contact Debt Counsellors yourself directly and make your choice.

Are they giving you all the facts

If it sounds too simple and good to be true, then it usually is. Ask questions about fees, how long it will take to be placed under debt review, if you can continue to use your credit cards or not, etc. – if they can’t give you satisfactory answers and you do not feel comfortable, then stay away

Are they reputable
Go to the Hello Peter website and search for the company / debt counsellor and see what their clients say about them.

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