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I am married COP but my partner does not want to be placed under debt review – what can I do?

It’s a difficult situation when one partner is reluctant to go under debt review. The advice we can give is to try to bring up the subject and point out the advantages and some of the misconceptions about debt review:

  • Going under debt review is nothing bad or negative, thousands of South Africans go under debt review every week in order to be financially better off and get their lives under control.
  • Almost half the population(10 million plus) in South Africa with credit is currently in arrears with one or more of their loans. You are not alone and making a choice to change for the better.
  • No one has to find out, not your employers nor friends and relatives (unless you tell them). So if it seems embarrassing being under debt review, don’t worry because no one needs to know. People might however notice that you are better off and less stressed because you can afford to pay your bills.
  • When you have cleared your debt, your name will be cleared and your credit record will be in better shape.
  • Going under debt review is simply a way to get out of the debt trap that so many fall into, it happens every day.
  • Think about what it would be like to live DEBT FREE!!
  • Taking action NOW is the only way, procrastinating and pretending the problem is not there will make things worse. Act Now.

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